Prevent Tartar Buildup in Your Teeth

Posted on – Prevent Tartar Buildup in Your Teeth – tartar or plaque that hardens due to too long in the tooth enamel of the tooth trigger everyone so broken. So for those who want to have healthy and strong teeth into old age, must be able to prevent the emergence of tartar.

Although most people are already aware of the importance of preventing tartar regularly, unfortunately there are still many who do not know how to get rid of tartar. If you do not know and want to know, see a brief description of drg. Dewii Noesanty, Cosmetic Dentisry of Pacific Healthcare Indonesia.

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According to drg Dewii, tartar that can arise because the rest of the meal we were stuck in the teeth. So, how to get rid of tartar is brushing your teeth regularly, especially after eating.

“Tartar was the pile of plaque and if not immediately removed increasingly thick and hard. So the way to get rid of it, only with a toothbrush after every meal,”

Allow the waste quickly lifted, do not quickly in brushing his teeth. In addition, do it the right way, added drg Dewii. According to him, if one discipline do brush your teeth after a meal by itself tartar missing.

“The pattern of the tooth brush from the top down, not sideways. It was so plaque in between teeth can be lifted,” he explained.

As if one could not bring a toothbrush after eating, she could rinse his mouth after eating to remove the remaining food in its mouth. Certainly do not quickly when rinse your mouth.

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