Herbs Remedies For Sensitive Teeth

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Sehatnya.comSome Herbs That Can Help Reduce Tooth Sensitivity –  if the teeth are often ache then sign you have sensitive teeth. It should not be overlooked, sensitive teeth can cause inflamed tooth, can not be restored and eventually death of the tooth. Some herbs can help overcome them.

Sensitive teeth is a general term used to indicate the presence of hypersensitive dentin (DH) is the opening of dentin due to thinning enamel and gums or lower.

Various herbs can be useful for teeth and gums. Herbs can kill or inhibit harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause plaque forms on the teeth and lead to the development of gum disease, including tooth sensitivity.

The following are some herbs that can help reduce tooth sensitivity:

1. Green tea
Green tea can help prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. Green tea contains compounds that can help suppress harmful bacteria in the mouth that are responsible for the formation of plaque, which causes tooth decay and gum disease or gingivitis.

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Green tea also contains antioxidants that may protect cells and tissues of the mouth of free radical damage and vitamin C which protects gums.  Gargle with green tea before bedtime to reduce plaque and bacteria.

2. Neem
Neem is an Ayurvedic herb that can get rid of antimicrobial dental plaque and periodontal disease when applied to the teeth and gums. The use of neem leaf extract 1 g 2 times per day is an effective treatment for preventing and treating tooth and gum disease, which also eliminates the source of tooth sensitivity.

3. Echinacea and chamomile
Echinacea and chamomile offer anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial that can help to treat gingivitis and tooth sensitivity.

Clinical trials found that using a mouthwash containing echinacea, myrrh, chamomile, sage, mint and ratania more effective than commercial mouthwash to reduce the inflammation of the gums for gingivitis, as well as help reduce tooth sensitivity.

I think that’s all the information about herbal medicine for the treatment of sensitive teeth may be useful pieces of us all.

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